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We love to drive to the Farish Recreation Area in Woodland Park, Colorado, and enjoy the peace and quiet. While my husband was fishing I watched the hummingbirds attacking each other around the flagpole. This one just stood so straight and tall - reminding me of the service men and women who defend our country and salute our flag every day.

First Place:  "Standing at Attention"
Novice Category

Taken By: Ms. Ramona Boone, US Air Force Academy, Colorado


Thule AB, Greenland. Isolated from any civilization in the Arctic Circle. I took the farthest road from base until the trail ended. This was the farthest I could get from artificial light. Pushing my camera to its maximum performance envelope to get the view still didn't do the real experience justice. After trying a technique I read about called light painting, I accidently captured my self-posing in frame. I saw the preview on the back of my camera and it gave me an idea to take this selfie. After many attempts, failures, and frozen finger tips, I was able to capture this. It may look like a cool picture, but I have memories tied to this image that will be with me for a life time.

Second Place:  "Arctic Tour of the Stars"
Novice Category

Taken by: MSgt Jeffrey Mikell, McConnell AFB, Kansas


"Always lead from a position of trust." This photo was taken at 300' AGL about 800 miles SE of Guam over Namoluk Atoll during the 64th annual Operation Christmas Drop. I was soaking in the moment, on the ramp, off headset, confident in my crew and squadron.

Third Place:  "Loggin' Ramp Time"
Novice Category

Taken by: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Campbell, National War College, Washington, DC


This Airman is a defender from the Security Forces Group - Tactical Response Force. I had the pleasure of serving with this group and outfitting them with the gear they needed to protect our nation. This photo was taken at FE Warren AFB during daylight using flash combined with aperture and a high shutter speed to overpower the ambient sunlight

First Place:  "Defender of the High Plains"
Accomplished Category

Taken by: Taken by: Lt Stefan Choquette, Ramstein AB, Germany


My daughter loves to "go to work" like daddy and has been flying since she was 6 weeks old. To say she has been bit by the aviation bug is an understatement. One day we went out to visit him and he escorted us to see the jets. She made herself at home on the chalks with her Stuffed Squadrons T-38 plush and of course I had my camera.

Second Place:  "Future Aviator"
Accomplished Category

Taken by: Ms. Maria Perkins, Laughlin AFB, Texas


Photographer by day, Defender by night. My dream is to one day become a Photo Journalist for the Air Force but until then I will continue to serve protect and defend those who are blessed to be on my installation

Third Place:  "Contact Front"
Accomplished Category

Taken by: Mr Jared Elliot, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom



The afternoon sun shone on the book that I was reading in my backyard.

First Place:  "Storytime"
Youth Category, 13-17 years

Taken by: Ashlyn Maresh, Laughlin AFB, Texas



The flag on base was flown at half-mast in memory of lost loved ones.

Second Place:  "Story Remembrance"
Youth Category, 13-17 years

Taken by: Ashlyn Maresh, Laughlin AFB, Texas


My family put a flag in the front of the house and we look at it everyday to remind us what my dad is fighting for everyday.

Third Place:  "Freedom"
Youth Category, 13-17 years

Taken by: Skye Pajak, Moody AFB, Georgia


My dad took us to the Air Show in 2015 and the picture gives me the idea of being a pilot when I grow up.

First Place:  "My Heroes"
Youth Category, 9-12 years

Taken by: Dakota Pajak, Moody AFB, Georgia


I thought this would be a cool picture.

Second Place:  "Broken"
Youth Category, 9-12 years

Taken by: Kristen Lininger, Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota


Hi! I'm 11 years old and I love photography and one day would like to become a film director. I value friendship, trust, honesty, and determination. To me determination is a rainbow carved into my mind. It provides fuel to my fire.

Third Place:  "The World Is My Playground"
Youth Category, 9-12 years

Taken by: Gianna Archer, Eglin AFB, Florida


This is a picture of a few at my friends that go to the FE Warren AFB youth center. We are all military kids. We love what our parents do but sometimes we get lonely. That’s why we have each other!

First Place:  "Youth Center Kids Rock"
Youth Category, 6-8 years

Taken by: Elizabeth Gibson, FE Warren AFB, Wyoming


We have a special day to appreciate all the people who died to protect this country. It reminds me of those who died to protect our freedom and it makes me kind of sad.

Second Place:  "Memorial Day Honors"
Youth Category, 6-8 years

Taken by: Amelia Wimmer, Buckley AFB, Colorado


I took this picture of my dad and mom on the day my dad came home from his six month deployment.

Third Place:  "Dad’s Home"
Youth Category, 6-8 years

Taken by: Callahan Harris, Mt Home AFB, Idaho



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