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Child Development Centers (CDC)

As a parent, who you entrust with the care of your children is critical. Our Child Development Centers are nationally accredited and staffed by well-trained professionals you can trust to care for your little ones ages six months to five years. CDCs are truly developmental, with programs to enhance social skills, encourage children to think and reason, promote language and literacy, build physical development and skills, and much more!

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Variety of Options of Care from your CDC

From daily care to hourly care your Child Development Center has a wide variety of childcare programs to meet your needs. Check out the variety of programs available at most installations.

Read about School Age Programs

School Age Programs

 We provide your child scheduled activities, field trips, community service projects and homework support to provide you piece of mind and your children opportunities

Read about Family Child Care

Family Child Care

In addition to Child Development Centers, childcare is available from individual caregivers in their homes both on and off base through the Family Child Care (FCC) program. Many families use FCC while on waiting lists for the Child Development Centers. Others prefer the home environment FCC offers.

We also have programs to help you meet the mission without worrying about the well-being of your children. :

Find out about care requests

How to Request Care

To request care for your child, please complete  DD Form 2606, Request for Care Record. You can send your completed form to your next base before you arrive to get a jump start on any waiting list. If you’re a single parent or a dual military family, you’ll also need to complete AF Form 357, Family Care Certification or equivalent from other services. Information on other forms and the immunizations/tests required are available from your base CDC.


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