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About Us

Who We Are

We provide guidance and assistance to our Air Force Child Development Centers situated on Air Force installations worldwide. Our centers are nationally accredited and staffed by well-trained professionals you can trust to care for your little ones ages six months to five years.

Governing Regulations

Military Child Care Act of 1989 & 1996
AFI 34-248 (CDC)
AFI 34-276 (FCC)
DODI 1402.5, Criminal History Background Checks
DODI 6060.2, Child Development Program

What We Do

We offer a variety of programs and services to you so you can focus on the job at hand while we focus on taking special care for your children. Our Child Development Centers are truly developmental, with programs to enhance social skills, encourage children to think and reason, promote language and literacy, build physical development and skills, and much more!

And our programs have Department of Defense (DoD) Certification The military equivalent of state licensing, DoD Certification represents verified compliance with standards regarding fire, health, safety, developmental programming, child abuse prevention, funding, and staff training. Our Child and Youth Programs are certified by DoD each year. As a result of the strict oversight and adherence to standards, along with the trained staff and quality curriculum, our programs have been recognized as a model for the nation.

Who Can Use Child Development Centers

Eligible patrons include active duty military personnel, DOD civilian personnel paid with either appropriated funds (APF) or non-appropriated (NAF), reservists on active duty or during inactive duty training, and DOD contractors. Priorities for care, are set by the base for use by eligible patrons of the programs. Dual and single working military and DOD civilian parents are given a higher priority for care than other patrons. 


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