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Child Development Centers

Full Day Care/Weekly Care

Full-day care meets the needs of parents working or in school on a full-time basis and does not exceed 10 hours a day. Parents using full-time care have a contract with the CDC so they are ensured a childcare slot as long as they remain in full-time work or school status.

Hourly Care

Short-term childcare services offer care on an intermittent basis when slots are available.

Part-day Enrichment

Part-day enrichment is for children 3-5 years of age and consists of 4 hours or less per day on a regular basis. Most bases offer this program when space is available for children who do not need full-time care. These classes support children’s growth and development and help prepare them for kindergarten.

Give Parents a Break

Sometimes, we need a few hours’ break from the stresses of parenting. The Give Parents a Break Program provides childcare for eligible parents who are subject to unique stresses due to the nature of military life including deployments, remote tours of duty, and extended working hours. For those families often separated from spouses and extended family members who might otherwise offer support, this is a great option. Partnering with the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) who pays the cost of childcare, CDC’s open once a month in the evening or on weekends for families referred to the program by base agencies such as the Family Support Center, Chapel, Family Advocacy Office, Hospital, First Sergeants, Commanders, and the Child and Youth Programs Flight.

Overnight Care

While overnight care is not provided in Air Force CDCs, if such care is needed during exercises or deployments the CDC refers parents to Family Child Care providers who are licensed by the base to provide care in their government quarters or off-base homes.

How to Request Care

To request care for your child, please complete DD Form 2606, Request for Care Record. You can send your completed form to your next base before you arrive to get a jump start on any waiting list. If you’re a single parent or a dual military family, you’ll also need to complete  AF Form 357, Family Care Certification or equivalent from other services. Information on other forms and the immunizations/tests required are available from your base CDC.

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