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About Us

Who We Are

In addition to guidance and we also provide installations assistance in their efforts to find high-quality, dedicated employees through our Nonappropriated Fund website, Our site provides a one stop site for all NAF openings worldwide.

What is NAF Employment?

Nonappropriated fund (NAF) employment accounts for approximately 25,000 jobs at Air Force Installations worldwide. NAF employment is considered federal employment. It is, however, different from federal civil service employment because the money used to pay the salaries of NAF employees come from a different source. NAF money is self-generated by Air Force Clubs, Bowling Centers, Golf Courses, and other activities that use NAF employees.

Who Can Apply For NAF Jobs?

Many positions are open to the public. Simply go to and locate your closest installation to preview current listings.

Where We Are

Our positions are located across the globe. To find an opening in your area visit and find the closest installation to you to locate open positions.


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