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Let the 2019 Air Force Alpha Warrior BATTLES BEGIN!

The Air Force will send the best male and female Air Force-wide from 20 regions to compete in the Super Regional Competitions hosted at 5 locations. The top 6 males and 6 females will advance to San Antonio, Texas, where they will compete in the Air Force Final Battle championship. Go here for more information.

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Get Fit at Air Force Fitness and Sports Centers

Regardless of your physical condition or sports interests, our Air Force Fitness & Sports Centers have what you need to achieve your personal fitness goals. Find Out What We Offer.

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Are you losing momentum and need an extra push?

Check your local facility to see what is available.

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Equipment Orientation Classes

Sign up for an equipment orientation.
It’s easy! Just go to the front desk and ask about the equipment orientation classes. Our staff will take it from there.

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Take the Sports Challenge

Installation Fitness and Sports Centers offers a full sporting program starting with intramural and extramural level programs. The Air Force Sports program continues on to training camps and even higher competition at regional, national and international sporting events where selected participants represent the Air Force. World-Class athletes can be chosen to compete on Olympic teams.

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Family Fitness is A Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means making the right choices and staying active – together. FitFamily is the perfect resource for family fitness goal setting tools, healthy nutrition choices and fun ideas to keep the whole family healthy.



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