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Tee it Forward

Play Faster...Have More Fun!

We want you to have more fun on the golf course.  So the PGA developed a program called Tee It Forward.  It’s designed to help you play faster, by encouraging you to play from the tees best suited for your golfing ability. You’ll hit more lofted clubs into the greens, play faster and have more fun!  Encourage everyone in your group to TEE IT FORWARD.



Many amateurs are regularly hitting approach shots on a par-4 hole from 185 to 205 yards. The fact is , most bogey golfers only hit approach shots generally with any accuracy from within 170 yards. When you TEE IT FORWARD, you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145 to 165 yards.

You will be hitting more lofted irons that will help you play faster and have more fun! Join your friends and look forward to a new, positive experience on the golf course and move up a set of tees and TEE IT FORWARD!


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