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About Us

Who We Are

The Air Force Library Program provides oversight and guidance to Air Force installations around the globe to encourage well-rounded military members, families and other eligible patrons through quality morale, welfare and recreational programs as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth through learning.

Our installation Libraries provide expertly managed library services.

What We Do

  • Introduce you to new technologies
  • Contribute to your academic success
  • Nurture a love of reading
  • Promote literacy
  • Bridge the digital divide
  • Provide positive family moments
  • Offer personal fulfillment by using our resources to learn new hobbies and skills
  • Contribute to your financial well-being
  • Support good health and wellness with books on physical fitness, mental fitness, or healthy eating
  • Help connect you with deployed family members using library computers or using the library wireless on your own device
  • Nurture ongoing self improvement
  • Help improve your overall quality of life: our collections promote ethics and positive morale, personal and professional development, and productive use of your leisure time.

Who Can Use Air Force Libraries?

  • All Active Duty, Reserve, Guard and retired military members and their family members from any branch of service.
  • DOD Civilians (both Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Fund employees and retirees)

Note: Check with your local library to determine your eligibility for each resource.

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