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Need access to a computer?

All Air Force Libraries provide free public access to computers and the Internet. Or bring your own laptop - most AF libraries offer wireless access.

Need a tutor?

The DoD recently funded, a virtual tutoring program, for active duty and deployed military families. Contact your local base library or visit for more information about the program.

Want to learn another language?

No problem. Air Force Libraries can help. Many Air Force libraries provide access to at least one language and cultural learning program. The Air Force also has downloadable language learning materials available to everyone who can qualify for a library card.

Download an audio book or video

Air Force Libraries offer online learning resources, digital magazines, music movies and much more for Total Force Airmen, civilians, retirees and family members.
Visit e-Library page to learn about online resources available today.

Are you deployed?

We’ve got you covered. With DoD funding, AF libraries order and ship Playaways to hundreds of locations worldwide. Playaways are the size of a deck of cards and come with batteries and earbuds. So it’s easy. You just “pack and go” and “plug and play.” Playaways are very useful in the desert where sand and heat can damage computers and iPods. Air Force libraries also offer books and other audio visual material through the ACC library program at Learning Resource Center and through the USAFE Library Service Center at short term deployment sites.

Are you going to school?

Air Force academic libraries (like Air University Library, the Air Force Academy Library, the Air Force Institute for Technology) provide an even wider number of research and subscription databases than many base libraries. Their professional reference and research librarians work closely with the faculty and students and they can help you learn how to best use the sometimes overwhelming number of resources. All libraries regularly offer help to Professional Military Education (PME) students with projects and papers.

On a budget?

Air Force libraries offer all children and families the opportunity to read at no cost. Our libraries are free to the user and this can be a great help to families or anyone watching their budget.

Help your kids avoid the “summer slide”

Help your kids avoid the “summer slide.” The DoD wide Summer Reading Programs help children retain or even enhance their reading levels over the summer months and lay a foundation for future learning success. Contact your local base library for more information about reading programs for kids.

Looking for a sense of community?

Air Force libraries have book clubs, children’s story hours, computer training classes, craft and hobby groups and many other activities during the evening hours so visit your local base library and join the community.

Need a specific reference for your mission?

AF Libraries fund, order and ship magazines, DVDs, books and other reference materials you may require to excel at your job. This includes construction, fire or electrical codes for Civilian Engineering (CE) , auto repair manuals for the transportation squadrons, official airline guides and Jane’s Aircraft books and databases for flying squadrons, leadership books, etc.

And don’t forget the thousands of books, audio books, movies, magazines and more.

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