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About Us

Who We Are

The Air Force Arts & Crafts Program provides oversight and guidance to Air Force installations around the globe to encourage sound morale, welfare and recreational programs for our active duty members, families, and other eligible personnel. Our programs are well-rounded, safe and exciting and cover a broad spectrum of hobbies and interests.

Our installation Arts & Crafts facilities provide expertly managed craft classes and activities to help you unleash your creativity. We’ve got information; equipment, training and the things you’ll need to get creative and enjoy your favorite hobby.

What We Offer

Each of the 77 Air Force Arts & Crafts Centers has varying opportunities and our programs reflect each community’s interests. Instruction is geared toward your recreational, vocational and educational needs and our classes provide you with enough knowledge to pursue constructive and creative hobbies.

Why Air Force Arts & Crafts?

  • Increase your competence in fine arts, crafts, and industrial arts.
  • Learn recreation skills that last a lifetime.
  • Use a wide variety of equipment and tools the center has available.
  • Buy resale items, custom made for you.
  • It’s an inexpensive way to make homemade gifts or build your own furniture.
  • It’s a great way to meet new friends.

Who Can Participate

Eligible patrons include Air Force active duty, Air National Guard, Reserve members and their families, retirees and DoD ID card holders. Guests may participate in most programs when accompanied by an eligible member.

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