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Club Member Portal Pilot Clubs (Current as of 20 Apr 17)

Q1: What’s this new change all about?
A1: The Air Force Club Member Program is transitioning from a credit-card based club member program to a non-credit card, choose-your-dues-payment-method program. The Air Force Services Activity contracted with MemberPlanet to host the Air Force’s new Club Member Portal (CMP). Members will be better informed about club programs and events in real time. The goal for this new Club Member Portal centers on improving the experiences of members’ while attracting new members from the active-duty force, retirees, and DOD civilians.

Q2: Why is the Air Force transitioning to the new platform?
A2:  Air Force club leadership listened to members regarding how memberships are handled. The new platform isn’t tied to a mandatory credit card. With the new member portal, members choose their method of payment and can opt in for special offers and notifications.

Q3: How does this change affect me and my membership?
A3: You will see two major changes: freedom of choice for how you pay your dues and real time notices about upcoming events at your club. The Chase Bank affiliated club membership credit card will be replaced with a non-club affiliated credit card in August. Members should receive a letter from Chase Bank Services in June letting them know what to expect and when their replacement credit cards will arrive.

Under the new Air Force clubs’ system, everyone’s dues will be charged on the 15th of each month. You will need to go online to update your profile. You can do this from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or your desktop computer. Your club staff can also help you. At the same time,
you can choose how you wish to pay your dues – with your favorite credit or debit card or with automatic payments from your checking account.

Q4: How will I know when my Chase Club Membership Credit Card expires?
A4: Chase Bank Services will be sending notices to our members in June to begin the changeover. Chase Bank will let you know what to expect at that time.

Q5: When will my membership transfer to the Club Member Portal hosted by
A5: We will have a phased approach to the launch of the portal. Six installations will serve as “pilot clubs” to ensure membership information seamlessly transfers from Chase Bank to the Air Force. Those six installations will be able to update their profiles and payment preferences in May 2017. All other bases will launch in August 2017.

Q6: How do I pay my dues in this new Club Member Portal?
A6: First, you will verify and update your information already on the Club Member Portal. Once updated, you may select your preferred method of payment. MemberPlanet accepts all major credit cards and electronic bank drafts.

Q7: Can I use my new Chase credit card to pay my club dues?
A7: Yes, you can use any credit card to pay your club dues. Whenever your preferred credit
card is replaced with a new card, remember to update your payment choice in your CMP profile.

Q8: How will the club know I’m a member so I can receive my discounts?
A8: Your smartphone will display your new, digital membership card in the MemberPlanet App found in the App Store or Google Play. Your membership card will also display your current membership status. Payments will be adjusted in real time. If you wish to carry a physical card, you can print your membership card at home. Some clubs may print it and others might be able to laminate it for you.

Q9: What if you don’t have a smart device?
A9: Members can use the web site from any device that can use the internet that includes desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Q10: Will my spouse be on my Air Force Club membership?
A10: Yes, your club membership can include your spouse when you update your profile, be sure to fill in your spouse’s name.

Q11: I like to pay my dues at the club, can I continue to do that?
A11: We encourage members to setup a Credit Card or E-Check automatic payment at MemberPlanet; it is the most convenient way to pay your monthly dues. You can pay your dues anywhere in the world where you have a secure internet connection. You can use your favorite credit card, or an electronic bank draft. If you would like to pay cash, please talk with your local Club Manager to make arrangements.

Q12: Once my membership transitions over to the new Club Member Portal, how will I
know my membership is current?
A12: On your new digital membership card, a paid-through date will display along with your club affiliation. If you need to make a payment, you can do so in real time.

Q13: Will my dues increase?
A13: No, there are no plans to increase dues. All dues will remain as they are.

Q14: What if I no longer want to be a member of the club?
A14: You can cancel your membership at any time, just let us know.

Q15: I’m retired and don’t live near an Air Force base, what club should I select?
A15: You can chose any Air Force club you like. If a club brings up fond memories of esprit de corps, choose it. Your membership is good at all Air Force Clubs regardless of your base membership. Membership is reciprocal in Air Force Clubs worldwide.

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