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2016 Air Force Club Scholarship Program

2016 Air Force Club Membership Scholarship Program Winners

AFSVA is excited to announce and congratulate this year's winners of the 2016 essay and video essay contest.

Six individuals were selected from a total of 137 submissions. The winners were grouped in two categories: written and video essay submissions.

GROUP 1 - Written Essay:

1st Place-$5,000

Rita A. Hobbs, Spouse of MSgt Davie Hobbs, Travis AFB, CA

2nd Place-$4,000

TSgt Stephen E. Yelbert, Goodfellow AFB, TX

3rd Place-$2,500

Jason Davis, Son of CMSgt Valerie E. Davis (Ret), JBSA Lackland, TX

GROUP 2 - Video Essay:

1st Place-$5,000

Paige A. Holmes, Daughter of MSgt Aaron R. Holmes, Grand Forks AFB, ND

2nd Place-$4,000

Katie L. Pauley, Daughter of MSgt Ryan M. Pauley, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

3rd Place-$2,500

Darienne S. Bartsh, Daughter of MSgt Brian J. Bartsh (Ret), MacDill AFB, FL  


Over the past seventeen years, the Air Force Club Scholarship Program has provided college tuition assistance to over four hundred forty Air Force Club Members and/or their eligible family members. This year the Air Force Club Scholarship Program will again offer this program to all Air Force club members.

In past years, entrants were asked to submit an essay and although this option is still available (essay must now be 1000 words), this year we would like to highly encourage entrants to submit a 5 minute video. Entrants can complete their on-line entry form, paste their essay or video link and upload the two letters of recommendation. The web is filled with video examples--for ideas check out BuzzFeed, Watchout, or CrashCourse.

2016 Essay Topic:


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