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Club Member Portal

We have changed

You spoke, we listened.  Air Force Clubs has changed the way we do business.  We no longer require members to have a specific credit card and you can now manage your membership online.  We have changed how you connect to your Air Force Club.
We are rolling out these changes in two stages. Stage One converts these six installations:

  • JB Charleston
  • Eglin AFB
  • Osan AB
  • JBSA Randolph
  • Thule AB
  • Whiteman AFB
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If you belong to a club on one of the six Stage One installations, press the “connect” button.  It will take you to our new Club Member Portal membership management service,  That’s where you’ll update your Club preferences and personalization.

Stage One starts on 1 May with the six installations above.
Stage Two starts on 1 August to include the remaining clubs.

Transitioning to the Club Member Portal is Easy

More About The Club Member Portal

  • We’ve partnered with MemberPlanet to design an online membership portal
  • The portal is where you manage your membership and preferences, and find out about club happenings and events
  • We transitioned away from the Air Force Club credit card requirement giving you the freedom of choice
    • You now decide how you’re going to pay your dues, you choose the credit card to pay your dues, or have the dues taken directly from your bank account
    • You can choose to receive emails and text messages about daily specials directly from your club
  • You’ll receive automatic updates monthly, as long as your account stays current
  • Billing to your preferred method of payment will occur on the 15th of the month 

There’s Early Bird Incentives, too

To show our appreciation, if you activate your membership on the portal in the first month, you will automatically be entered to win $10,000 and a lifetime of free Air Force Club membership!  Complete rules can be found on our rules page.


You have questions about these changes, we have answers.  See the FAQ page for more information.

Club Membership and the Portal

As a Club member, you are part of the rich heritage and the storied tradition that is Air Force Clubs.  It is in the tradition of the Air Force that we change with the times as new technology comes on board.  
We are excited about this change in how we do business and believe you will be too. For more information about your club and the portal, log on to your FSS website.
We will continue to provide members, like you, the best club products possible including:

  • Discounts on food
  • Access to specialized club programs
  • Free entertainment to you as a club member

Your dues will remain the same as they are now.

Your new club membership identification comes in a digital format 

  • You’ll receive your membership confirmation electronically and it will display on your smartphone or tablet
  • You’ll can also print it out if you prefer 
  • The digital card features your name, the club you belong to, and an expiration date

In June Chase Bank will be sending members a letter informing members of the changes with their Chase AF Club credit card.  If you have questions, feel free to call the Chase number on the back of your card.
Remember, we’re only changing the process, all your great club benefits remain the same!

Thank you for continuing the Air Force tradition.

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