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FAMCAMPs are RV parks located on or near many Air Force installations. The Air Force operates more than 60 FAMCAMPs around the world.

Don’t Have an RV? Don’t Worry

Many FAMCAMPS welcome tent camping as well as travel trailers and recreational vehicles.

FAMCAMPs typically provide electrical, water, sewer, cable, and Internet hookups, and have bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities on site.

FAMCAMP Frequent Camper Program

Do you like to visiting new places? Are you a frequent camper? Then why not get rewarded for enjoying what you already like to do?

The Air Force Frequent Camper Program encourages you to get out and experience camping all around the world. And you can earn valuable rewards and incentives for doing just that.

What a Value

New Frequent Camper members receive:

  • A special edition of Military Living’s 172-page, Military RV, Camping & Rec Areas guidebook
  • A 15-page FAMCAMP logbook
  • Two four-inch, full-color embroidered patches
  • Two 1-1/4 inch enameled pins
  • An eight-inch, all-weather RV decal
  • Five Camper Cash certificates (each certificate is good for one free day of camping at any Air Force FAMCAMP).
  • A lifetime membership in the Air Force Frequent Camper Program costs only $40.00, but it provides more than $80.00 in valuable discounts and gifts.

How Do I Earn Rewards?

Incentives are based on the number of Air Force FAMCAMPs you visit. The program is set up in tiers, and tier represents 10 FAMCAMPs. You earn awards and incentives for every tier you complete (for every 10 FAMCAPs you visit). You can visit the FAMCAMPs in any order you’d like and take as long as you want to reach each tier. Once you complete a tier, you’ll earn five Camper Cash certificates, a decal for your camper or RV and two enamel pins to mark your achievement.

Your FAMCAMP logbook keeps track of how many FAMCAMPs you’ve visited and you use it to claim your awards. You can earn only one Frequent Camper logo stamp for each FAMCAMP visited. The first time you stay at a particular FAMCAMP, simply present your logbook when you pay for your visit and receive a Frequent Camper logo stamp.

The program is open to all authorized Services customers, including Active Duty, Reservists, retirees, and DoD civilians. To join, or to learn more about the Frequent Camper Program, visit your Outdoor Recreation facility.



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