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Air Force's competitive shooting program demonstrates the Air Force's commitment to the preservation and advancement of marksmanshipMarksmanship is an inherent military skill and the Air Force's competitive shooting program demonstrates the Air Force's commitment to the preservation and advancement of marksmanship. The presence of Air Force shooters in national and international competition enhances the image and prestige of the United States Air Force. As team members compete, conduct clinics at universities and high schools, and make other public appearances, they are directly contributing to the Air Force recruiting effort.

The Air Force Shooting Program sets the standard for marksmanship within the Air Force. It provides an incentive for Air Force people to become more proficient with firearms in order to compete for selection to the Air Force team. Ultimate program goals are to place Air Force members on Air Force, Conseil International Du Sport Militaire (CISM), Pan American, Olympic, and other teams representing the United States.

Program Concept

Shooting demonstrationTeam members, selected throughout the Air Force, remain assigned to their current duty location and travel periodically to train for and represent the Air Force in national-and international-level competitions. The primary responsibility of the officers, noncommissioned officers, and airmen, selected as members of the Air Force Shooting Team, is to their unit and its mission. In all cases, the Air Force mission comes first and foremost. However, through the public contact and association developed during competitions, Air Force shooters play a direct and important role in enhancing the image of the Air Force both at home and abroad. Periodically, Air Force Shooting Team Members will be asked to conduct clinics at local clubs, high schools, academies, colleges, and universities.

How To Apply

Individuals normally provide their own equipment, ammunition, and weapons; however, a limited quantity is maintained and made available for use by shooting team members. The Air Force may provide a reasonable amount of ammunition, entry fees, travel, and per diem for approximately 45 competitors to train for and compete in six to eight major competitions per year, culminating in Air Force team tryouts, National Championships, CISM, Pan American, and the Olympics. Training is accomplished primarily during off-duty time. The shooting season normally spans from February through August time frame. Most competitions are conducted on weekends, which minimizes the time away from primary duties.

Individuals applying for selection to the Air Force Shooting Team for the first time, or for lapses in team membership, will submit an AF Form 303, Request For USAF Specialized Sports Training. Selections will be based on documented performance as contained in the AF Form 303. Individual potential will also be considered in the final team selections.

  • AF Form 303 may be obtained from the base fitness center and submitted in accordance with AFI 34-207.
  • A detailed summary of previous competition results must be included with the request, match bulletins or official association (NRA/NSSA) averages/standings will be accepted as the only source for scores.
  • The AF Form 303 will be forwarded by the base fitness center to AFPC/SVPAF, 2261 Hughes Avenue, Suite 156 Lackland AFB TX 78236-9852.
  • Team selections will normally be made and individuals notified of their selection or non-selection during the month of December or after the training camp (if held).

NOTE: Adverse Actions: Individuals on the Weight Management Program, the control roster, or whose promotion or reenlistment has been withheld will not be considered.

Team Selection

The United States Air Force Shooting Team, to include developmental teams, will be composed of approximately 90 competitors. Although specific numbers may vary from year-to-year, depending on the demonstrated performance and potential of applicants, each discipline will normally be represented by approximately 10 competitors. Half of each team is funded primary team members, all others are considered developmental members and are normally funded through non-appropriated funds (NAFs).

The current Air Force Shooting Teams are:

  • Action Pistol
  • National Pistol
  • International Pistol (Olympic)
  • International Rifle (Olympic)
  • Running Target (Olympic)
  • Highpower Rifle
  • International Skeet (Olympic)
  • International Trap (Olympic)
  • American Skeet

Training Camp

Classroom demonstrationClassroom training, live-fire weapons training, and head-to-head competitions to select the new shooting team members. Training camps are not mandatory.

The team captain for the respective discipline will conduct training camps as needed. All training camp will be advertised on this website.

Individuals selected to attend a training camp or selection camp will be placed on permissive TDY and will be expected to defray the cost of lodging and meals while at the camp. The team captain will provide ammunition. Travel costs and a daily maintenance allowance of $8.00 may be reimbursed from NAFs by the Shooting Program Manager (SPM).

A training camp, if conducted, will normally include 3 to 4 days of coaching and practice followed by scored, shoulder-to-shoulder competition. Team selections will be based on the aggregate of record scores from the following.

International Trap and International Skeet 300 birds
International Pistol 3 complete 600 point matches
National Pistol 1 complete 2700 match
International Rifle 2 complete 3 position 1200 matches
American Skeet 100 birds with 12, 28, and 20 gauge
Highpower Rifle 3 complete 800 aggregate matches
Running Target 1 complete 60 round match
Action Pistol 2 complete 30 rounds field courses

Final team selections will be based on the scores fired. Individuals will be advised of their selection or non-selection at the completion of training camp.

Excellence In Competition (EIC)

The Excellence-in-Competition Program (EIC) is an awards program recognizing marksmanship, open to any Air Force Active duty, Air Force Reserve or Air Force National Guard member. Individuals can earn awards (badges) by earning points in marksmanship competitions hosted by military services, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) or the National Rifle Association (NRA). AFI 36-2903 authorizes the wear of badges in uniform.

The EIC program was established as a part of the Air Force Shooting Program by Col Thomas Kelly at the request of General LeMay. The EIC program conducts all matches in accordance with guidelines established by the CMP, the civilian parent organization.

Based on excellence in marksmanship for both pistol and rifle, the program consists of four different levels of awards an individual can earn. The first is the Non National Bronze Badge, open only to new members with no accumulated points toward the distinguished badge.

Individuals receive a Non National Bronze award after earning four points in an Elementary Match. Elementary matches are any matches sponsored by Headquarters, United States Air Force and approved by Air Force Personnel Center Services Directorate, Air Force Fitness and Sports Branch (AFPC/SVPAF), the United States Army, or the National Guard.

Badge example Badge example

National Bronze Badges can be earned by personnel after receiving six points in higher level competition. Higher level competitions are any National Level, State level, or Regional competitions conducted in compliance with CMP rules.

Badge example Badge example

The National Silver Badge is the second level of award earned at the higher level of competition. The National Silver can be earned by accumulating 20 EIC points.

Badge example Badge example

The final award is the Distinguished Badge, earned by accumulating 30 points or more. The distinguished badge is the highest award in the EIC program, there are but a handful of Active duty Air Force individuals that currently have earned this badge.

Badge example Badge example


To obtain a current report on the number of EIC points you have earned please contact at AFSports.




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