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Please check for future updates as we continue to reassess the 2020 Sports Calendar considering ever changing travel and socialization recommendations from the federal and local authorities.
For questions or concerns send email to

Ready to Represent? Become an Air Force Athlete

The Air Force Sports program provides opportunities for active duty Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members to compete in Air Force, national and international sports events. Check our Sports Calendar to see if your sport is part of the program.

Ready to Apply?
Athletes selected for the program participate in specialized training in trial camps and/or training camps or departmental-level Air Force Championship events. Trial camps/training camps are short in duration, but physically demanding, mentally challenging and highly competitive. To apply submit an application via the APPTAC system.

APPTRAC Application Instructions:

  1. Log-in or Create a new account here.
  2. Scroll over "Athletes" and select "Submit A New App".
  3. Select your Sport from the drop down box.
  4. Click "Apply Here".
  5. Select role you are applying for and click "Continue".
  6. Complete application (all blue fields are required) and click "Finished - Submit Now".

After submitting your application check your email (the one you used as your log-in) for an email from In order to be considered for the trial camps/training camps and championship, you must complete an application in the system, with supervisor and commanders approval. Suggest you advise supervisor and commander that they will need to create a profile on the APPTRAC system as well. Please ensure they are creating an account with the same email address that is provided on the Airman-Athlete application."

WCAP AF Form 303 Application Instructions:

  1. Download AF Form 303 from here.
  2. Page 1: Fill in all highlighted fields (SSN – last 4 required). Include awards and accolades received that pertain to the sport for which you are applying in sections III. & IV.
  3. Page 2: Ensure all signature fields are electronically signed.

    1. Athlete completes and signs in sections V. and VI.
    2. Supervisor completes and signs in section VII.
    3. Commander completes and signs in section VIII.
    4. AFPC Career Field Manager completes and signs Section IX.
    5. Fitness Center Director completes and signs in section X.
    6. Athlete routes WCAP application to MAJCOM/SVZ to complete and sign Section XI. Upon completion of all required documents, email your application packet in a PDF file to the Air Force Sports Program at

    For more information, please visit the World Class Athlete Page here.


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